imprimir anterior 2. What advantages does this system have over pedestal systems?

Generally speaking, the main advantages of the sun tracking system TETRA-TRACKŪ compared to pedestal tracking systems are as follows:

1) Higher wind stability: in pedestal tracking systems, the wind torque is supported by the central column. The TETRA-TRACKŪ system rests on six points over the ground that provides higher stability.

2) Less mechanical resonance over the platform because of the wind effect: the oscillations caused by the wind on the platform are smaller than in a pedestial tracking systems because the four corners and the tracker platform and the centre are fixed to the TETRA-TRACKŪ structure. These oscillations are very important and can break down or detach the PV modules in case of strong wind.

3) Simpler and less deep foundation: which means less civil work costs.

4) The TETRA-TRACKŪ does not need anemometer to place itself at a stow position due to strong wind: anemometers normally seize up or come into malfunction at some time of his lifetime. In that case, they become inoperative. Nevertheless, this option is available in the control electronics of the TETRA-TRACKŪ system if desired.

5) Less gravitational deformations: Since the platform efforts are distributed over all the structure, the gravitational deformations are lower.

6) The solar tracking systems based on astronomical control often suffers mistracking due to the lose time synchronization of the internal clock. The TETRA-TRACKŪ system uses a solar sensor to point the sun and always follows it looking for the maximum solar radiation. Without sun, the system carries out a subsynchronous tracking strategy.

7) In the pedestal tracking systems, the central ring gear wheel supports all the wind force on the platform and the gear wheel or pinion teeth frequently breaks. When this happens, the play between gears increases and the wind effect acts as a battering ram continuing his destructive effect over the gears at great speed.

8) In the TETRA-TRACKŪ system, a strong wind gust may produce some sliding of the central arc over the nylon wheels which move the platform without any damage to the system.

9) In case of malfunction, the substitution of the low cost traction elements, is carried out in a very simple way in the TETRA-TRACKŪ system. There is no need to use a crane, or to dismantle the platform or the panels. In a pedestal tracking system, it may be necessary to use a powerful crane able to raise the whole collecting platform.

10) Shipping and assembling are very easy tasks. The TETRA-TRACKŪ system is supplied as a kit and several trackers can be transported by any shipping system that admits a length of 6 meters (the longest parts are 6 meter long). The assembling process is carried out using simple screwing and it is not essential the use of a crane.

Detail of the Collecting Platform over the TETRA-TRACK® Solar Tracker

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